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Real Estate Document Preparation

Whether you are a real estate agent or investor, title company, escrow officer, corporation, LLC, trust, or individual… need real estate documents? You’re in the right place!

Need to transfer ownership?

We can help you choose the proper deed, prepare it for you, assist with signing, and record in your county. 

Need to secure a lien against a property?

We can draw a Promissory Note according to terms you decide, and record a Deed of Trust to properly secure the lien. We’ll even help you set up account servicing 

Need to form an LLC?

No problem. Our LLC Formation Service will do it all. We’ll prepare your Articles of Organization, file them with your Secretary of State (or whoever) satisfying all their requirements. We’ll provide you with a custom Operating Agreement, spelling out exactly how your business will be run. Need a Buy Sell Agreement? We got you. Transfer of Membership Interest Testament? Just tell us who inherits in what order. Live in a community property state? We can prepare a spousal disclaimer. Need a tax id number? We’ll walk you though the IRS form SS-4. We literally do everything for you.

Need to form a revocable living trust?

Not only can we prepare your living trust documents, but we can put together a complete estate planning vehicle. We’ll even help you fund the trust!

Any time you need help with real property but don’t need an attorney or a full escrow, docprepper.com is your answer!