Affidavit of Property Value – Arizona

An Affidavit of Property Value is a mandatory government form that discloses information such as Purchase Price, names and addresses for both Buyer and Seller, and an address to mail the Property Tax Bill.

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Arizona Revised Statutes (11-1133) state that deeds recorded with the County Recorder‘s Office must simultaneously file a document called an “Affidavit of Property Value”. Under certain circumstances, an Exemption may be used instead of filing an Affidavit of Property Value. When you instruct to prepare your deed, we make sure you have the proper information to determine if an Affidavit is required. If so, we prepare your document correctly and record it with your deed… streamlining the process. You no longer have to worry about rejections from the County Recorder. We make sure everything is done right. If you have any questions about the Affidavit or any of our services, contact us! (855) DOC EASY.

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Road Maintenance Agreement

What is a Road Maintenance Agreement?


When you’re funding a loan the Road Maintenance Agreement is often a lender requirement. When you’re creating an RMA for the first time and need all your neighbors to sign, it can be an incredible hassle! And if the access to your property is through a private road and don’t have a Road Maintenance Agreement in place, it’s almost always a good idea!”

  What does the Road Maintenance Agreement service include? Here’s the breakdown of what we do for you:

  1. Define each homeowner’s responsibility for the road maintenance.
  2. Define each homeowner’s responsibility for the road repairs.
  3. Define a remedy in case of default, or failure to comply.
  4. Define the effective term of the agreement (binding, and in perpetuity).
  5. Have all owners sign the agreement.
  6. Attach legal descriptions for each property.
  7. Record the document with the appropriate county.*

This is admittedly a simplified breakdown of what is involved, but would be happy to assist you in preparing and recording your Road Maintenance Agreement. Keep in mind, additional fees apply. The stated price includes 2 owners, and the legal description of each property is limited to 1/2 page. Additional owners are $15 each with a $5 surcharge for each half-page of legal description. *Additional document recording fees vary depending on the county.

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WHO AND WHAT DO ROAD MAINTENANCE AGREEMENTS APPLY TO? In short, a Road Maintenance Agreement applies to a private road. So what is a private road, exactly? Here’s the Free Legal Dictionary definition: A private road is often established because an individual needs to gain access to land; such a road can cross another person’s property. A private road can be used by the general public and is open to all who wish to use it, but it primarily benefits those at whose request it was established. Unlike highways that are cared for by the public at large, private roads are maintained at the expense of the private individuals who requested the road. The last sentence of the definition points out what the Road Maintenance Agreement must address and who must agree to the terms, i.e.: Private Road Maintenance and the private individuals who benefit from it. Keep in mind that once the agreement is established, it runs in perpetuity with the land. So, the responsibilities that are agreed to become the responsibilities of all future owners. That’s why these things show up on a Preliminary Title Report, and sellers are required to disclose whether or not an agreement is in place by laws such as A.R.S. §33-422. If you’re buying property with a Private Road Maintenance Agreement attached to it, you have the right to know. You’re going to be responsible for complying with it as the new owner!

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Transfer of Membership Interest

The “Transfer of Membership Interest” or “Assignment of Membership Interest” document is the instrument used to convey ownership interest in a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

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The Transfer of Membership Interest Agreement is the primary document that evidences a change in ownership of your Limited Liability Company’s Membership Interest (sort of like LLC “Stock”). It is executed by the Buyer and Seller (or Assignee and Assignor) and kept as a record of the sale or assignment. This document is usually not filed with the Secretary of State or Corporation Commission, but rather retained as an internal company document. Keep in mind, simply assigning the someone your ownership interest usually doesn’t give them any management or voting rights in the company. That will require amending the LLC Operating Agreement. Also, don’t forget to check with the Secretary of State or Corporation Commission to see if they must be notified of the changes. Let us know if you have any questions about the process, we’re here to help!

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Beneficiary Deed

Beneficiary Deed

A Beneficiary Deed is a valuable estate planning tool. It successfully avoids probate by naming a GRANTEE BENEFICIARY”: someone who will inherit the property upon death of the “OWNER”. Recording a Beneficiary Deed also has the added advantage of the Owner retaining full control of the property… The Beneficiary Deed can be revoked by the Owner at any time, or the property sold without approval from the Grantee Beneficiary. For most of us, our home is our biggest asset. A Beneficiary Deed is a great way to avoid probate without the headache and expense of going through probate or setting up a trust. For more information (from a real live person), give us a call at (855) DOC-EASY.

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There are several advantages to using a Beneficiary Deed: The “GRANTOR” retains the power to sell the property without consent from the “GRANTEE BENEFICIARY”. The “GRANTEE BENEFICIARY” can be changed or revoked at any time. You can name multiple beneficiaries. You can choose what happens if a grantee predeceases the owner. In that case, the conveyance can: Become null and void or Become part of the estate of the grantee beneficiary Name a successor grantee beneficiary

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Arizona Real Estate Power of Attorney

If you, an Arizona property owner, are going to be unavailable to sign legal documents that deal with your real estate, a simple document can be used to give someone else with authority to sign on your behalf: an Arizona Real Estate Power of Attorney.

Whether you need to transfer, sell, encumber (mortgage) or otherwise convey your real estate, having this document properly executed ahead of time will save you headache in the future.



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In Arizona, a Power of Attorney must have several elements to be valid for real estate transactions… and when we say “valid” we mean that a future title insurer will accept the document as credible. Specific language must be included in the deed. It must be witnessed and executed, and the signatures must be notarized by a notary the title insurance company has “approved” within their company. The document must then be recorded with the County Recorder‘s Office attaching a legal description of the property the POA is to be used for. An Arizona Real Estate Power of Attorney can certainly be a bit tricky. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or simply add this product and check out! will assist you in the preparation, notarization and recording of your General or Special Power of Attorney. Get started today to eliminate headaches tomorrow!

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