2013 Industry Partners Conference

Industry Partners Conference


It’s that time of year again!

The 2013 Industry Partners Conference is here once again! Each year the Arizona Association of REALTORSArizona Mortgage Lenders Association and Arizona State Escrow Association get together for this hugely popular event (it always sells out) to discuss important topics in an ever-changing market.

Professional Escrow Resources and docprepper.com are sponsoring the event again this year, and we couldn’t be happier!

Interested in signing up? Better hurry! This is the 15th Annual Event, and it’s sold out ever since we can remember.




Escrow Agent or Certified Legal Document Preparer?

When are the Services of a Certified Legal Document Preparer (CLDP) preferred over an Escrow Agent?Legal Papers

The services of a real estate Certified Legal Document Preparer [“CLDP”], also referred to as a Legal Document Assistant, are a great resource to anyone who owns or has an interest in real estate.  Many property owners and investors are unaware of this option or understand when it is a good idea to employ the services of a CLDP rather than an Escrow Agent.   Let’s try and shed some light here so you know what your options are!

If you are purchasing or selling real property where money is to be placed with a third-party and title insurance is required, then you are looking for an Escrow Agent. It is in an escrow that all terms of a transaction are clarified and an Escrow Agent acts as the fiduciary to all parties holding funds and documents. In an escrow transaction, the Escrow Agent, orders a Title Search contacts and requests a Payoff Statement from Lenders and prepares a Settlement Statement for all parties to review, sign and approve.

Often times, full escrow services as described above are not needed.  A CLDP will prepare one or all of the documents that are normally produced in a real estate transaction, regardless of whether or not a title insurance policy is to be issued.  In other words, a CLDP will focus on only the documents requested, and makes no requirements that the customer must purchase additional products or services.  As a result, the costs for obtaining documents are substantially reduced limiting the fee charged only to the items requested.  Title Insurance can be made available, as well as the other services, but are not required.

We advocate obtaining title insurance when necessary. Some situations however, such as adding a spouse to title, transferring property into your family trust, or recording a Power of Attorney to be used in connection with real estate purchases/sales, (just a few examples), the cost of a new title insurance policy outweighs its benefits.

Your CLDP can assist you with the preparation of Promissory Notes, Deeds of Trust, Release of Liens (Full and Partial), Affidavits of all Types, Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosures, Road Maintenance Agreements, Quitclaim Deeds (sometimes mistakenly referred to as “Quick Claim” Deeds), Special Warranty or Warranty Deeds, Beneficiary Deeds, Power of Attorney, Agreements for Sale, Subordination Agreements – to name a few.  Arrangements may also be made for additional services such as loan servicing.

The next time you are contemplating a matter that involves real estate and legal documents, consult your Legal Document Preparer to see how they can assist you in accomplishing your goals.

Who actually prepares my documents?

Docprepper.com and Professional Escrow Resources

Who actually prepares your docs?

When you get Legal Documents prepared from docprepper.com, we do all the work. You’re not just “buying forms” you end up having to complete yourself… you’re getting everything done for you. We work with Professional Escrow Resources, LLC, Certified Legal Document Preparers (Arizona Supreme Court, Board of Legal Document Preparers, Certificate #81407).

Aaron Scott, Operations Manager for PER, has this to say about our partnership:


Aaron Scott of Professional Escrow Resources

Aaron Scott, Professional Escrow Resources

There is no such thing as the “Typical” customer for us.  Every customer has their own set of individual needs, and usually a few minutes on the phone is all it takes to answer any questions they may have. There’s over 50 years of combined experience in my office. That advantage, combined with docprepper.com‘s streamlined ordering, processing and recording systems gives the customer exactly what they need. We can have them recorded within hours.  The truth is, nobody else can do this. Together, we’ve forged an amazing resource for the consumer.”


Shari Nestor, President of PER (CLDP #81309), has been preparing legal documents for over 30 years! She pretty much sums it up:

[Photo of Shari Nestor]

Shari Nestor, President of PER

At PER, we do things right! That may sound simple, but I can’t stress the importance of that fact. As an Expert Witness in the field of Title and Escrow, I am often asked to submit my opinion to the court about how things are supposed to be done in real estate transactions.  It’s amazing how sometimes little things can make such a huge difference when you’re dealing with legal documents. These are pieces of paper we use to deal with our homes, our children’s homes, our investments… our livelihood! I’ve been doing this my whole life. It’s not just my job, it’s my passion.

If you have any questions about Real Estate Document Preparation, just let us know!


Industry Partners Day!

Today in Scottsdale, AZ, docprepper.com was able to attend the annual industry partners day! Every year, representatives from Escrow, Title, Mortgage Lending and REALTORs get together to discuss important topics that affect the entire real estate market. We are happy to sponsor this event, and want to give a big thank you to the Arizona State Escrow Association, Arizona Mortgage Lenders Association and the Arizona Association of Realtors for putting it together.

To all of our new friends we met today, thank you for visiting our site! As you can probably tell, we’re undergoing a bit of construction, so if you need assistance with anything, just give us a call at (855) DOC-EASY or shoot me an email at [email protected]. Thanks again, and check back with us soon for the latest news!